Enhance Your Business Page With Facebook Cover Video

Facebook has released a major update to its platform for both business and individual users, changing the way pages look and feel on the site.

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5 New Facebook Features Every Business Needs To Know About in 2017

Facebook is constantly updating, changing and adding new features to its website. There are so many new features constantly being added and changed that it is hard for small businesses to keep up. Five of the latest new features include Page Templates, New Post Options, Preferred Page Audiences, Broadcast Live Videos from your Desktop and Facebook Banner Sizes.

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The Ultimate Social Media Image Size Guide

Social media sites are ever changing. Changing the way users view posts, changing the way businesses post updates and changing the size of the imagery that is added to them. The content businesses post on social media pages are carefully thought out, researched, analysed and the images you design are built around these perfectly designed posts. Nothing is worse than a potential customer viewing an amazingly designed post, with a perfectly designed image that cannot be viewed in its completeness due to incorrect picture size. It is because of this that I have created the Ultimate Social Media Image Size Guide!

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What Are Twitter Hours and How to Get the Most Out of Them! Part 2

To continue on from my blog post on 'What Are Twitter Hours and How to Get the Most Out of Them!', I have put together a list of a number of Irish Twitter hours running at the moment.

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A Break Down of Social Media Channels for your Business Part 1

With so many social media networks to choose from it is hard to decide where to begin, what social media networks to add to your company and where to spend your time promoting your Business.

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What Are Twitter Hours and How To Get The Most Out Of Them!

Twitter hours have been around for a number of years now and are becoming ever popular. They are a great way to communicate with other businesses on the platform, get your product and services out there & to find potential customers. I recommend, if Twitter is part of your business strategy, to join Twitter Hours… Continue reading What Are Twitter Hours and How To Get The Most Out Of Them!


The Wireless Revolution

Wireless technology has come on leaps and bounds over the past number of years. Prior to wireless technology dial up and a bulky computer was the only way to connect to the internet to look up information, research or connect with friends and family. Lets Look at the Statistics Nowadays the internet can be with… Continue reading The Wireless Revolution