3 Marketing Ideas to Boost your Christmas Business!

Christmas is the perfect time to kick your marketing efforts into gear. More people are online than ever before over the Christmas period searching for Christmas gift ideas, looking for the perfect gifts and finding places to shop, so why not take the opportunity to market your business and your products!

It may be nearing Christmas but it is never too late to get started on your Christmas campaign, no matter how simple or complex you decide to make it.

Below are just a few ideas to get you started on the road to your social media marketing adventure to gain more followers and potentially more sales!

1. Social Media Competitions

Competitions on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are the perfect way to promote your page, gain more followers and gain more of a social media presence over the festive period.

The marketing term, K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) is the perfect term to keep in mind when mapping out your competition. Keep entering the competition simple and keep the imagery clean, simple & eye-catching!


If you have a Facebook page for your business now is the perfect time to boost your views, likes and to gain more online social media presence. Check out the list below to get you started.

  • Question
  • All attractive social media competitions require entrants interested in entering to comment with an answer to a question.
  • Remember, keep the question simple (K.I.S.S). Questions that require research or too much thought usually gains less entrants than those with simple but fun questions.
  • Some examples could be: What is your favourite Christmas treat? Name one of Santa’s reindeer? or What decoration do you put at the top of the Christmas Tree?
  • Like, Share & Tag a Friend
    • To ensure that your Facebook Business page and competition reaches the highest number of people, ask your competition entrants to like, share and even tag a friend in the comments.
    • This will cause your page to reach a larger audience and a larger variety of people friends of the people who enter the competition will be able to see the post on their timeline, if your customers like, tag or share your post.
  • Eye-Catching Imagery
    • Ensure you get the best out of the competition by using eye-catching imagery. The image could simply include your shop front, something of particular interest in your shop or the star prize.

Seize the Moment, because some opportunities don’t come twice!!

Don’t forget that the competition posts you create are not finished with when the competition is over. Take advantage of connecting with the people who comment on your post by commenting on the post as your business. These comments will show up in the competition entrants notifications, meaning they are more likely to read them!

Try posting during the competition with different comments like ‘only 2 days to go until our winner is chosen, keep commenting and sharing!’ or ‘only 4 hours to go until we pick a winner! Don’t forget about our in-store offers like these……’.

When the competition ends thank your potential customers for entering it in the comments section and add something about your business, an offer you have on or even where to find you. Don’t waste this perfect opportunity to promote your business or the products you sell.

  • When designing the competition image:
    • Ensure the imagery is bright, colourful, includes your logo/ shop front, so potential customers will remember your business when they see it.
    • Add the question into the imagery to ensure it is seen. Most people on Facebook scroll through their news feed without taking the time to read any text.
    • Ensure what you would like the competition entrants to do is in the image so they know exactly what they need to do to be in with a chance to win. Adding the text to the photo also means that you can re-purpose it on other social media platforms easily.
    • The size of a Facebook post is 472 pixels wide by 394 pixels tall. Make sure your image is within these parameters so no part of the image is lost within your post.

Don’t forget, when posting any type of competition on Facebook be sure that you have included a disclaimer stating that the competition has not been created by Facebook or any of its affiliates.


Twitter competitions are a great way to gain a large amount of reach in a short space of time.

Remember, you will have to post your competition post more often than on Facebook advert to keep the momentum going. If you don’t have the time to do this during the day make sure to use a social media scheduling tool like Hootsuite.

  • Follow and Retweet
    • The end result of the competition is to reach as many people as possible in a short amount of time. To do this, a follow and retweet competition ensures that you reach as many people as and gain as many follows as possible.
  • Hashtag
    • Adding your own unique hashtag is a great way to view anyone who has retweeted your post and hashtag, meaning all competition entrants are logged under the same hashtag on Twitter.
    • It also means that you have a chance to grow your own unique hashtag and possibly grow it until it becomes viral.
    • Remember, if you are adding a hashtag choose one wisely as you don’t want other businesses in a similar field of yours to take advantage of your success.
  • Imagery
    • As with a Facebook competition, imagery is key. Be sure that your imagery is bright and colourful and that it includes your logo. Ensure that it is also the correct size so no part of the image is lost (440 pixels wide by 220 tall).
  • In contrast to a Facebook competition, I recommend that you leave a competition question out as answering this, retweeting and following takes more effort on Twitter and may cause you to not get the reach you were expecting.


Instagram is the perfect social media site for a visual business. If you are new to Instagram a competition is the perfect way to gain followers and increase conversions to your website or even your Facebook page.

There are many options for competitions. My two favourite types are:

  • Heart & Repost
    • The competition entrant will have to like the post and re-post on their own Instagram account to be in with a chance to win. This means that more people will be able to view the post as it will be added to the competition entrants own Instagram page and in their followers’ timelines.
  • Heart & Tag a Friend
    • The competition entrant will have to like the post and tag other friends they have on Instagram in the comments to be in with a chance to win. This means that the people the entrant’s tag in the post will see that they have been tagged and may cause them to enter the competition, tag a friend and the cycle starts all over again.
  • Hashtags
    • These will be the cause or demise of your reach on Instagram. Choose your hashtags wisely to gain the most momentum.
    • If your business is in a specific area, make sure you include the area as one of your hashtags.
    • Confused about what hashtags to use? Why not give Hashtagify a try so you will find the perfect hashtags for your business and to boost it on Instagram.
  • Eye-Catching Imagery
    • Ensure you get the best out of the competition by using eye-catching imagery. The image can include your shop front, something of particular interest in your shop or the star prize.

2. Christmas Themed Videos

Videos on any social media site will draw potential customers attention to your page faster than any other post.

A report conducted by Cisco has shown that video accounts for 80% of global internet traffic so why not give creating your own a go? There are so many ways to create your own video these days that you have no excuse not to!

At this time of year, videos are an attractive way to wish people a Merry Christmas from your business, show off your products or your Christmas decor at your premises.

Below are a few examples of how you can create your own videos quickly and easily:

Facebook Live Videos:

  • Facebook Live videos are one of the hottest video technique at the moment. It is one of the best ways to interact with your customers in real-time and you are able to answer questions straight away or show products they are looking for as soon as they ask.
  • To create a live video as you need is a camera phone or tablet and access to your Facebook page on your selected device. Then it is as simple as clicking on the ‘Live Video’ button in your status bar!
  • By using Facebook live, your followers will be notified that you are live, prompting them to view the video and potentially interact.
  • Once your video has ended you can select a target audience for your video meaning you are more likely to reach your potential customers.

Facebook Slideshow

  • If you’re not comfortable with Facebook Live or don’t have enough time to go live, give Facebook Slideshow try. It’s a perfect way to show off products by creating a video from photographs or to create a stop motion video!
  • To try Facebook Slideshow go to your business page, select the camera in the status box and select ‘create a slideshow’. The slideshow can be from 5  to 15 seconds in length and contain any imagery you wish to add.


  • Boomerang by Instagram is one of my favourite mobile Apps at the moment. The app, available on iOS and Andoid, takes a burst of photos and stitches them together to create a mini video that can be played both forwards and backwards!
  • Don’t knock it until you try it, this app is a hell of a lot of fun and so easy to use.
  • The video can be uploaded to Facebook and Instgram right from the app or downloaded to your phone an added to Twitter or Youtube.

3. Holiday Gift Guides

Christmas Gift Guide
Holiday Gift Guide Example from www.parade.com

Get your customer and potential customers into the Christmas spirit with a holiday gift guide. This can be created with products solely from your own business or collaborations from your business and other businesses in your area that compliment your business.

Check out the tips below to get you started:

  • Odd numbers are best so ensure you add 3,5,7,9 or 11 products to your gift guide. It doesn’t need to be a huge gift guide, a few of your products that would gain interest in your company with simple but compelling descriptions will suffice.
  • If collaborating with other businesses in your area would be your preference, ensure that the businesses you choose have products that compliment your own. Ask the companies before proceeding to ensure they are happy to have their product added and suggest they share the gift guide on their own social media pages to gain ultimate exposure for all parties.
  • Imagery 
    • Ensure imagery for each product is clean, tidy, uncluttered and professional looking so potential customers can view the products quickly if they are scrolling through and their attention is caught if it is something they like.
  • Product Description
    • Product descriptions should be easy to read, compelling and have a Christmassy feel to them. Don’t use your product description as a sales pitch as this may turn the customer off buying from you.
  • Posting the Christmas Guide 
    • Your businesses Christmas Guide can be posted on all social media platforms. Add it to them all, link social media posts back to your website or link it back to your preferred social media site.
    • Website
      • A Christmas Guide is perfect SEO for your website.
      • Ensure you add it as a blog post so it can be shared by your customers and stays on your website for the foreseeable future.
      • If you have an online shop, link your products to the product pages on your shop so potential customers can click-through easily instead of going through the site searching for them.
    • Social Media – There are many ways to add your gift guide to social media sites including creating a large graphic and uploading it, creating a unique Pinterest Board, Facebook Slideshow Video, Instagram Images with product information in the text or Facebook Notes.
  • When considering which way you would like the Christmas Gift Guide to be, consider what your customers would prefer to see and who your potential audience is.
  • Also, ensure that if you are collaborating with other businesses that you link their products to their website or social media sites. Again this is so potential customers can find the business or product easily.

Remember, it is not too late to create a Christmas Competition, a Festive Video or a Gift Guide!

Let me know how you get on in the comments below!

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